Custom COFFEE Stencils

Metal Coffee Stencils
Custom Coffee Stencils
Mylar Coffee Stencils

Custom Coffee Stencils  –  Cut in Metal or Plastic

You have seen them in bars and cafes , those small patterns placed on cappuccinos or lattes  with chocolate powder. Now you can get your own with your design.

Custom Coffee stencils are a great way to promote your business and reinforce your brand logo through a set of Mylar or Metal stencils.

Create the perfect foam (small bubbles are the best, so knock out the larger ones by tapping the bottom of the milk container before pouring) , pour enough to fill just below the rim of the cup and then dust the powder through the stencil.

Use Custom coffee stencils to promote your business and events

You can use stencils to promote your main brand or to highlight special offers and promotions. You can mark special events like Valentines Day and Christmas.

We also offer a same day or next day service.

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Coffee Stencil Material

Coffee Stencils are available in food grade stainless steel or mylar.

CoFFEE Stencil Design

Designs converted to the most effective coffee stencil design.

An effective coffee stencil needs to simple design so that it will show on the foam without blending into itself.

Complex Design = Blob

Our Design services team are experienced in taking artwork and converting it into an effective coffee stencil.

We can work from any type of graphic. You can supply a sketch or drawing. If you have your logo or image as a file we can use jog, png, tiff, pdf, ai. If you have trouble sending the file via the form just send us an email.

How We Work

  1. Send us your graphic or design
  2. Receive a proof
  3. Amend or approve the proof
  4. We cut the stencil and dispatch it to you
Coffee Stencil

Additional Uses

Extend the effectiveness of your branding.

As well as being used to dust chocolate powder on coffee you can use your stencil to brand other items

Cakes and Pastries  – use the stencil to brand plates with dustings or sugars or chocolate powder

Cocktails – You can dust cocktails with cinnamon, cocoa or atomised bitters

Unique Giveaways

Coffee stencils are an idea giveaway and can be used for

  • Trade Shows
  • Product Promotions
  • Customer Incentives
Cocktail Stencil

Care OF Coffee Stencils


Our coffee stencils are cut from 350 micron mylar. They are

  • Food Safe
  • Reusable
  • Washable

The coffee stencils can be washed in warm soapy water or on the top rack of a dishwasher

Coffee Stencils


Our metal coffee stencils are cut from food grade  stainless steal. They are ideal for long term repeated use in commercial environments.

Our metal coffee stencils can be washed in commercial dishwashers.

Metal Coffee Stencils

Coffee Stencil Production


Our standard turnaround time for proofing and cutting is 2 days for Mylar and 4 Days for Metal.


We ship our stencils by Royal Mail first class post or UPS next day.

coffee stencils

Need Coffee Stencils Fast?

If you require your coffee stencils quicker  we can proof , cut and ship on the same day. Contact us at

Wholesale Volumes – Fast Production

We cut custom coffee stencils for major chains and brands in the UK. If you have purchased a coffee on the high street it is likely it has been decorated with one of our stencils can produce 1000’s of stencils per day. If you need a large volume, fast,  we can deliver.

Custom CooKIE Cutters & Silicon moulds

Cookie Cutters Silicon Moulds

Expand Your Branding

In addition to Custom Stencils, we also offer 3D Printed Custom Cookie Cutters and Custom Silicon Moulds

These are food safe and can be used to to extend your branding from cup to plate