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Laser cut wood gives you fine detail and high speed in your work.

Our laser can cut through up to 12mm plywood with accuracy of 0.1mm

We can cut sheets up to 1300 x 900mm

We can cut from most file types and will help to set up your files for cutting.

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When cutting it is possible to cover the surface with low tak tape to reduce the heat marks. We also use air assistance to blow away smoke and particles to keep the temperature of the wood surface cool.

It is possible to cut holes down to 1mm in diameter and fine detail at the same level.

Laser cutting fretwork produces an amazing level of detail and allows designers to include delicacy in wood that was not possible previously.

Stencil Cutting

File set up for producing fine detail is an important part of ensuring that you get the result you want, so ensure that you read our set up guide for designers or contact us to discuss your job as this can save significant re working costs and reduce the production time.